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          Professor Roger Luckhurst

          Professor in Modern and Contemporary Literature
          Email: r.luckhurst@bbk.ac.uk

          This year, I’m convenor of the MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature until September 2019.

          In the academic year 2019/20 I'll be teaching the English BA option ‘British Literature 1945-79’ and co-teaching the MA option on 'US Fiction' with my colleague Joe Brooker.

          Most Recent Books

          Corridors: Passages of Modernity (Reaktion Press, March 2019)

          Science Fiction: A Literary History (British Library Press, 2017). This is an edited collection of essays by leading SF scholars, including Mark Bould, Gerry Canavan, Caroline Edwards, Art Evans, Malisa Kurtz, Rob Latham, Sherryl Vint. There’s also a foreword by SF novelist Adam Roberts.

          The Cambridge Companion to Dracula (Cambridge University Press, 2017). Essays by 16 leading scholars.


          I’ve been an occasional reviewer of science fiction and horror film for BBC Radio 4’s Front Row and Radio 3’s Night Waves and Free Thinking. I blog for the British Library, BBC.com in America, and write features for the film journal, Sight & Sound, most recently on Twin Peaks (June 2017) and Stephen King on film (October 2017). My piece on the history of corridors appeared in the Financial Times in June 2019.

          I appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Thinking Allowed' in March 2019 to talk about the corridors project.

          I was a guest on the second series of David Olugosa's series A House through Time in 2019, talking about Spiritualism.

          I’ve done some work with film companies and distributors on science fiction and horror films, including the British Film Institute, and written liner notes for Arrow, Park Circus, and the BFI.

          Some media links:

        • I co-wrote and presented the radio documentary, ‘True Tales from the Crypt’, for BBC Radio 4, September 2012. You can hear a clip here
        • You can hear my Radio 3 15 minute essay on Bram Stoker here
        • You can hear my talk at the Bishopsgate on London’s disorderly dead here
        • You can hear my podcast on Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady here
        • You can hear my discussion of mummy curses on Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed with Marina Warner and Laurie Taylor here
        • You can watch my introduction to Bram Stoker’s Dracula here
        • You can watch my lecture on David Lynch’s weirdness on Tate TV here
        • You can read my interview with artist Suzanne Treister on her web-site, here
        • You can get a free download of my essay ‘Reflections on Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking’ from New Formations (2009), here
        • You can read my article on research funding and researching mummy curses here
        • And a piece on mummies for the New Humanist here
        • You can hear my podcast on mummy curses for Blackwell’s web page here
        • You can read my Guardian comment on the BFI Gothic season here
        • Some thoughts on vampire history for the BBC blog are here
        • A BBC blog on the cultural significance of building walls is here
        • I did the annual Roy Porter lecture at the Wellcome Collection in 2017, about institutional fear and corridor dread. You can listen to it here
        • A slightly different version of my scholarly self is also on Twitter @TheProfRog

          Further details

        • Current research
        • Areas of research supervision
        • Teaching
        • Publications

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