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          Funding from tailor and robe maker Ede & Ravenscroft will enable 伯贝克学生会 to establish the three new clubs.

          People playing badminton, one of three new sports offered at Birkbeck

          London’s oldest tailor and robe maker Ede & Ravenscroft has made a generous donation to support the establishment of three new sports clubs at Birkbeck in the coming academic year; badminton, climbing and netball.  Ede & Ravenscroft are long-standing partners of Birkbeck, having recently funded a postdoctoral fellowship to research the history of the College, as well as supporting an archivist to categorise the College’s archives.

          The Students' Union has set up these three new clubs in response to a survey asking students which sports they would be most interested in pursuing, with badminton, climbing and netball emerging as the frontrunners. The support from Ede & Ravenscroft will aid the 学生们’ Union in its transformation of sporting provision and help create an increasingly cohesive community for students outside of the classroom.

          Yousuf Joondan, Chief Executive of Birkbeck Student Union commented: "We are delighted to have Ede & Ravenscroft’s support for our growing sports clubs at Birkbeck.


          James Middleton, 义德和雷文斯克罗夫特’s Group Head of Graduation Services said: “Ede & Ravenscroft are proud to support the birth of these new sports clubs at Birkbeck. We believe sports play an important part in the student community’s health, mindfulness and wellbeing.”




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